God Wants You Healed, Delivered, Saved, and Set Free!
The Life And Light Of Jesus Heals, Delivers And Sets Free

The Life And Light Of Jesus Heals, Delivers And Sets Free

Author: Walt Straughan
Product Type: Mini-book
Size: 3.5" by 5.25"
Pages/Disks: 44
Publisher: Walt Straughan Ministries
SKU: 9780962735356

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Packed with Scriptures for your daily life and every need, along with guiding prayers below each verse.
Convenient size for your pocket or purse.

  • The Life and Light of Jesus will heal our souls and bodies!
  • When Jesus came into our hearts He gave us His Life and Light!
  • The kingdom of God is Life and Light because there is no darkness in God's kingdom.
  • Learn how to receive more of God's Life and Light into your life.
  • How to daily walk into God's Life and Light.
  • Jesus is our Life and Light and He will set us free from all bondage.


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