God Wants You Healed, Delivered, Saved, and Set Free!
Prayers, Confessions, and Information

The following prayers, confessions, and information have been compiled by Walt Straughan Ministries for your use in obtaining the healing and continued health provided in God’s plan of redemption. A PDF version of these documents may also be freely downloaded, copied, and distributed. Just click on the Download PDF Version button at the bottom of each of these documents. Select the desired document below.

  1. Sinner's Prayer (To Receive Jesus as Savior)
  2. How to Receive the Fullness of the Holy Spirit
  3. How to Receive Healing from any Sickness
  4. Prayer to Receive Healing from Cancer
  5. How to Get a Deformed Child or Someone You are Responsible for Healed
  6. Prayer to Receive Healing from Lymes Disease
  7. Confession — Healing for any Serious Problem — Luke 18:1-8; Luke 11:5-10
  8. How to Sanctify and Bless Your Food
  9. How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy / Don’t Diet-Eat Right
10. Receive Healing Through Meditating the Word of God
11. Prayer for Healing from Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
12. Prayer for Healing from HIV / AIDS
13. How to Activate and Receive the Prayers in the Books of Ephesians and Colossians
14. Pleading and Covering Yourself with the Cleansing Blood of Jesus
15. How to Walk in The God-kind of Love
16. Prayer of Faith or Petition
17. What Faith Is / What Faith Is Not
18. The 23 Individual Healings by Jesus in the Four Gospels
19. Praying and Confessing the Promises Without Ceasing [Luke 18:1-18]
20. Faith Confessions — How To Activate the Promises of God
21. Communion — There is Healing and Deliverance in Communion
22. Who We Are in Christ Jesus from Romans to Jude — Receiving the Promses of God
23. Spiritual Warfare Prayer — How to Defeat Sickness and Disease
24. Word and Faith Confessions to Activate the Kingdom of God that Lives on the Inside of You  NEW!
25. Exercising Faith for Healing and Deliverance and Walking in Divine Health Forever  NEW!
26. Healing Truths and Testimonies of Being Healed of Three Terminal Diseases by Curtis Leonard  NEW!
27. Healing and Deliverance confession and prayer from book, "Your Heart is Your Believer, but Your Mouth is Your Receiver"  NEW!


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